Commitment to Equal Education

Empowering the world of tomorrow

Expanding Education beyond Schools

In today’s competitive world, children need to learn more than what is needed for the school assessment. We train and prepare the students for additional skills and ensure that they are ready for the real world.

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Upskilling for Industrial Workforce

It is time to expand skillset and tap limitless opportunities in the transformative digital world for the larger workforce. We prepare our industrial workforce for an ever-changing career using practical activities for every skilled trade.

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Our key focus areas for

School Students



We develop learning environments where out-of-the-box ideas emerge and students take the plunge to try new things.



We help students learn the tactics to overcome and negotiate adversities in life and not get bogged down by them.


Pecuniary Skills

Get trained in essential financial skills to navigate the daily aspects of life. We focus on concepts like profit, value proposition, and investment.


Future Ready

The professional landscape is changing fast with technology. We prepare a well-researched curriculum to benefit students and update them on relevant skills.

Our key focus areas for

Industrial Workforce

Livelihood generation

Creating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods. Offering a chance to earn an honest living and inspiring people to lead a life of dignity.


Providing guidance, not rhetoric, with a need to know the plan of action and its implementation.

focus on key outcomes around

Our School programs


Creating environments where ideas can connect leading to innovative ways of doing. Helping the process of doing new things.


Facilitating innovation-producing collaboration with leaders and leading organizations for both ways win-win.

Envision a Better Tomorrow

A Dream In Their Mind is our mission

Kutastha is a premium learning platform, providing future-focused learning programs to build a better tomorrow.

Our skill-based courses are curated by industry experts and emphasize education beyond the school curriculum. We prepare our learners for the future with a focus on innovation, technology, digital, and empowerment programs.

Preparing Today for Tomorrow

Inspiring Confidence

We are a non-profit devoted to spreading positive experiences in virtual form covering topics across all age groups and social strata.

Our Unity

Collaborate With Team Members To Rise.

The world calls for, and expects from us, simplicity of life, the spirit of prayer charity towards all, especially towards the lowly and the poor. When someone does something that they know that they shouldn’t do.






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