Kutastha Foundation

Supporting SDG aligned technology innovations

Green Spark, a visionary social initiative by Yamaha Motor Solutions India Private Limited (YMSLI), focuses on empowering deeptech startups dedicated to addressing critical social and environmental challenges using latest technologies. This program offers not only project-based grants but also invaluable mentorship and opportunities for partnerships, fueling innovation and fostering positive change in our world.

Sustainable Development Goals

Focus Areas

Industry Innovation

Zero Hunger

Global Climate

Good Health and Well Being

Affordable and Clean Energy

Why a startup should apply

Technology Validation

Validate your technology to ensure it meets industry standards and is ready for market operations

Project-based Grant

Receive project-based funding of Rs 4-5 lakhs under the CSR scheme to solve social or environmental issue


Gain access to technology mentors who will help refine and enhance your ideas, ensuring they reach their maximum potential.


Invite Social Startup Proposals

Open from April 12, 2024, through April 30, 2024.

Startup shortlist

Results will be announced on or before May 18, 2024.

Project Commencement

Projects will commence starting May 27, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Startups incorporated and based in India.
  • The team must be part of a legally recognized entity defining the company’s structure.
  • Each startup must have at least one full-time employee.
  • Startups aligned with the program’s focus areas.
  • The product or technology offers unique capabilities not found in existing products, or demonstrates a competitive advantage.
  • The product or technology must be original, wholly owned, or properly licensed by the startup.

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