Kutastha Foundation

Adapt to changing business needs

Designed to provide working individuals with specific industry skills aimed at helping them succeed in professional life.

Focus Areas

Training & Development

Preparing resources, so that they are suitably skilled in their new roles and can manage work process changes.


Digital Ready Workforce

Along with the rapid adoption of new technologies, prepare the workforce to calibrate with changing business operations.


Career Consulting

Building a culture of continuous learning for modern jobs requires flexible responses & new ways of problem-solving.



Frequent training and development initiatives to address the pain points and gaps of the existing workforce.

Inspiring confidence in people to build a better future

The need for Vocational  Education

Modular Training

Our unique blended and mini learning content is delivered via videos, interactive slides, and challenges on our app, allowing students to gain the knowledge and understanding they need to become more inclusive individuals.

Future Ready

The combination of technology and human interaction leads to greater emotional investment and learning that sticks, giving people the confidence to practically apply their skills clearly and measurably way back in their working environment.


We continuously measure where people are in terms of their capability and knowledge retention, and help guide their development in a more targeted way.

Awakening Passion

Vocational training enables individuals to pursue their passion or a career field that interests them. We help students sharpen their skills and tap their inner potential.